Thursday, May 8, 2014

Learning Unity

I started to learn Unity 4.3 since it seems like a good thing to be able to throw on my resume and I have heard nothing but good things about the engine overall. I made Pong, it is terrible and has a lot of bugs and looks like crap because I made the art, but the goal was to learn how to create a simple game in Unity. I made a build of the game for the Unity Web Player but since I cannot upload files like that to blogspot the best I can do for now is post a screenshot of it for you to see.

Like I said before, it is pretty ugly but the point was to get the basics of a simple game up and running so that I can learn how to use the engine and complete a project. Unity has been super easy to pick up and just start running with. The user interface is wonderful, the integration of scripts in the editor make tweaking variables in the scripts incredibly simple and fast. The only thing I had any issues with so far was learning how to make a simple 2D sprite animation since there was no documentation on the Unity website that I could find about the animation tools.

I am definitely going to be using Unity more in the future, it is easy to use and I am learning a lot quickly. Also it is nice to learn some C# as I go along. I may bounce between Unity and working on a simple render engine in C++ using the latest version of OpenGL. I will post more with more projects as I continue learning!